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   Rui dog welcomes New Year 2018.03.22
   Innovation and Development Concentricity and Win-win -2018 Guangyi Group New Year's Party 2018.03.22
   We carry out the training and practice of fire safety knowledge 2018.03.22
   G.Y.M actively participated in industry planning 2017.11.20
   WireShow second days, the scene is still unabated, cable feast explosion Pujiang River 2017.09.04
   Latest developments in Shanghai Exhibition 2017.09.01
   Our company receive thank banner 2017.06.14
   Russia international tube exhibition 2017 2017.06.09
   To participate the INTERWIRE2017 2017.05.27
   New trends in cable industry 2017.05.25
   Free blood donation, passing love and warmth 2017.04.26
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